Friday, February 5, 2010

A Law We All Can Get Behind

Cause in the end we really shouldn't be doing anything that would distract us from our driving. We're Boston drivers. We have the right to brake for no apparent reason. Veer into your lane just because the space is there. And god forbid if you honk at us and we're on the phone. Why are you disturbing my call? You almost made me drop my cell phone that I was holding to the side of my head.

Thankfully, at least the cell phone part, may be a thing of the past as our suddenly working House of Reps, passed driving safety legislation that includes a ban on texting/emailing while driving and requires hands free operation of your cell phone. Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen?

I used to work downtown. So that meant walking and taking the 80% working MBTA to work. No car. Until nighttime and the weekends when I would only drive around when there were less people on the road. Now that I'm commuting 45 minutes each way, I see just how important this legislation is. People actively texting AND driving 60. Fumbling for their phones when a call comes in. And these are in bumper to bumper traffic.

So I'm hoping this legislation passes the next phase and Gov. Patrick signs it into law immediately. As in tomorrow. People may get false tickets from cops who saw you changing the song on your iTunes app or on Pandora. But in the end it will ensure safety for everyone on our roads.

Pass it. Do it.


  1. Stacey said...

    (By chance, was this post inspired by the guy who almost went through my bumper twice last night because he was texting?)

    I don't understand what people think is so important that they divert their attention away from the large piece of machinery careening down the highway going 70mph that...oh yeah, they are supposed to be in control of.

    Does someone have to die in order for people to realize that the text message isn't the priority?