Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad or iWillAmazinglyPass

There's a few things I love about the iPad. But more things that are missing for me to change my thoughts on passing on the first version of the iPad:

1) No Flash support. The iPhone without it was okay. I could deal. But on this device which is supposed to be better than the iPhone but not quite an iMac. Major fail. Especially when I want to check out the coolness my friends at A&R Media Studio are coming up with these days.

2) No front or back facing camera. So no iChat conferencing. No Skype calls with my godkids. No augmented reality apps.

3) No HD screen resolution. C'mon. The tech is there. It may have cost a bit more to have it included but watching digital copies on this thing will create a pixelated mess on big explosions. And please Apple, use something different than Star Trek in your video pictures. Great movie. Move on.

4) Multitasking. Can't do anything but what is on the top of the screen. Boring.

5) Screen lock notifications. Something I am hoping for in the next version of the iPhone. Seeing upcoming calendar events. Unread emails. Weather app.

6) No SD slot for digital pictures. But we do get silly adapters to tether onto the iPad.

7) Women will giggle when I talk about my iPad. Insert your jokes in the comments.

So in conclusion, this blog is passing on this device. Maybe it'll get better. Maybe it won't. But the difference between iPhone 1.0 and iPhone 3GS is pretty substantial. If there are updates to hardware, display, and abilities of the OS, I'll hop on board. But for now I'll stick with the other 8 Apple products in our house.


  1. HipDroppedStitches said...

    Wow... all excellent points... and I agree 100%... but I expected that you'd find a way to own one today... before everyone else... ;-)

  2. Stacey said...

    Oh, he would have -- except that buying a house is top priority. Scout and T really want a backyard of their own.